La Historia Del Rap

El 11 de agosto de 1973, nace en los barrios marginales de Nueva York, un género músical llamado “rap”, se dice que, en una fiesta callejera juvenil en el Bronx de Nueva York. De ahí, se extendió por el mundo y triunfa en la actualidad. Posee variados subgéneros musicales como, el rap alternativo, el ragga hiphop, rap conciencia, rap experimental, entre otros. Asimismo, esta corriente musical se ha basado en múltiples géneros, los cuales fueron adaptados y mezclados para su obtención, algunos de ellos son; el jazz, blues hablado, rythm and blues, electrónica, disco, etc.

-Stefano Cavalho

Peruvian National Cancer Law

During the last two weeks the newly applied regulations on the approved cancer laws have brought relief to many families. This would be the first time there is talk about universal coverage for the treatment of cancer patients on a national level (Exitosa, 2022). Granting free universal access and priority cancer treatments to all public, private or mixed health service providers with insurance no longer mattering.

- Harold Bushby

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Eduardo Reyes Salgueran Finally Captured

December 25th of 2021, Progress was thriving with ex Chief of Regional Directorate of Transport and Communications of the Regional Government of Junín Eduardo Reyes Salgueran was captured at his home for his illegal activities and trafficking. A battle against his criminal organization that goes far to the start of 2019 has achieved a powerful victory for the side of justice. The Judiciary has issued a 36 month preventive detention order and an arrest warrant against Reyes Salguerán (PNP,2022)”.

- Harold Bushby

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The Met Gala And The Celebrities

The Met Gala is an event that is based on the exhibition of fashion annually, from the Institute of Dress in New York, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This event calls on various celebrities known for their different talents around the world as singers, actors, and more. The goal for this red carpet is to raise funds for the Costume Institute.

- Kairel Hawie

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